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Both albums are available for listening freely through Youtube or via streaming through Spotify and iTunes. If you’d like to hear me create more new music then please consider buying through cdBaby or contact me directly for hard copies.

Dancing In The Kitchen (click here for download from cdbaby)

Also available on CD: $20 per copy, postage within Australia included (email me eleanortuckertunes@gmail.com ). Specials available on multiple orders.


‘Dancing in the Kitchen’ is Eleanor Tucker’s second release. A mature and confident album, delivered in Eleanor’s exquisitely warm and sometimes cheeky vocal style, reminiscent of Julie London or Diana Krall.

Inspired by Saturday morning playlists, Eleanor has put together this collection of her own songs to accompany late starts, big breakfasts and dancing in the kitchen with someone you love.

Stylistically imbued with Blues, Latin, R&B and New Orleans flavours, Dancing in the Kitchen is performed and accompanied with great taste and synergy by Kelly Ottaway (keys), Randal Muir (accordion & piano), Simon Reid (bass/guitars), Konrad Park (drums), Tim Jones (tuba), Hayden Dare (trombone), Mitch Ellis (saxophone) and Martin Tucker (flute).

“I have been incredibly lucky with this one because some very generous friends offered to fund an album, allowing me to put a whole band together. From The Passion Vine was more sparse and melancholic, and so I thought for this one I’d choose a collection of songs from my back catalogue that were mostly a bit lighter in sentiment. It’s not really a dance album – it’s more of a Saturday-morning-jiggling-around-the-kitchen vibe. I have several Saturday morning playlists that I listen to, with artists such as Etta James, Fats Waller, Bob Marley etc. who all help me get the housework done!”

  1. I Don’t Want To Get Up This Morningwhisk3
  2. Living Beyond Our Means
  3. Take Time
  4. Good Friends
  5. Last Night
  6. Cloud 9
  7. Love To Last
  8. Foolish Thoughts
  9. Lucky Stars
  10. (It’s Not Jazz)

From The Passion Vine (album) 2015


Selected by Tasmanian ABC Radio show ‘Your Afternoon’ as album of the week, this collection reveals Eleanor’s depth and power as a lyricist, songwriter and vocalist. Listen to these songs, and you’ll fall for their everyday magic. Sung in English and Spanish, they glow with a deliciously simple charm, capturing the common aspects of love, and bringing melodic perfection to ordinary life with affection and disarming honesty.

“I have been writing songs ever since I can remember. It is the one constant in my life. Like any passion, once planted, song writing acts like a weed – one that we can either curse or celebrate by choice. Encouragement from friends and acquaintances has fed this passion over the years and at last I feel ready to release some of these songs into the wider world. From The Passion Vine is my debut album. Rather than a ‘best of’ collection, I have attempted to select songs that hang together by a common thread and yet also demonstrate a variety of musical styles.”

  1. Gives Me ComfortBack
  2. Love Your Company
  3. Shipwrecked
  4. Pequeñeces
  5. Your Heart
  6. No Love Is Easy
  7. Just To Look At You
  8. Turn It Around
  9. Simpler Than It Seems
  10. The Little Things

From The Passion Vine review by Konrad Park

Available on CD: $20 per copy, postage within Australia included (email me eleanortuckertunes@gmail.com and I’ll pop ’em in the post). Specials available on multiple orders.

Album can also be purchased in digital format online at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/eleanortucker and on iTunes.

Don’t Cry Mama – four songs related to domestic violence

These songs were written while I was working as choir leader at the Hobartimage Women’s Shelter. Feedback from the choir participants was that they found the process of singing these songs very healing and strengthening, and because of this I would love to find a way of sharing them further. I am keen for these songs to be sung in the wider community and have recorded a few of them (and their separate harmony parts) so that they can be learnt. Please contact me for further information/scores etc.

  1. Don’t Cry Mama
  2. No More Violence – ideally sung by community choirs (women, men and children of different backgrounds).
  3. Treat Her Right
  4. Brave Faces
  5. Where Is Home –for community choirs. Can be adapted to be more specifically related to a particular issue relating to homelessness, (refugees, domestic violence etc.). There is a humming bit in the middle to provide backing for personal stories to be shared through narration.

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